Jet pump with Torrium controller or pressure switch for medium to large homes.

Dynajet XJ pumps are an ideal home pressure system to use when drawing water from a level that is below the pump such as in a buried or partially buried tank. There are 3 models available to suit medium to large homes.

Combine with the Davey Torrium pressure controller for constant water pressure or with pressure switch for simple on/off operation.

Dynajet XJ pumps are economical, compact 50, 70 and 90lpm single stage jet assisted centrifugal pumps.

• Ideal for average homes with modern appliances to large double story homes
• Domestic water supply
• Pressure boosting
• Automatic water transfer
• As well as for domestic irrigation from shallow wells or sand spears
• Overhead or high tank filling
• Pressure boosting
• Water transfer