The RIO1123 Hot and Cold pressure cleaner is a small light use hot water unit. This machine comes with a 2100W induction electric 240V motor which delivers 7.5 litres of water per minute at a working pressure of 1600 PSI. This pressure cleaner has an alloy pump head with auto stop, stainless steel pistons, an on board detergent tank, heavy duty gun and lance and an 8 metre steel braided HP hose. The unit offers the tradesperson an opportunity to purchase a hot and cold pressure cleaner for tasks such as washing the tipper and the bobcat once a week, at a price you would not believe is possible.


• Industrial Gun (Stainless Steel trigger)
• Industrial Spray Lance (Brass)
• 2800 RPM Motor & Pump
• Metal Alloy Pump Head
• Diesel Fired Hot Water to 90C
• 8 Metre High Pressure Hose
• On-board Detergent Tank
• Low Pressure Detergent application
• Automatic Shutdown System


• Maximum Operating Pressure: 2100 PSI
• Maximum Water Volume: 7.5 litres/minute, 450 litres/hour
• Maximum Inlet Water Temperature: 90 C
• Motor Specifications: 240V, 1Ph, 50Hz, 2.3 KW (3.1HP), 2800 RPM Motor & Pump
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 63cm x 36cm x 55cm
• Weight: 42 Kg