The Mystic Cold water pressure cleaner is an Industrial quality unit. The machine comes with a 2400W electric induction 240V motor which offers the user a machine delivering 9 liters per minute at an operating pressure of 1885 PSI. The pressure cleaner has a brass pump head and brass piston guide so as to minimize any corrosion from the water going through the unit. The unit is an Industrial grade pump and motor and unloader system to offer the user an Industrial grade unit where a larger Industrial grade unit is simply an over kill.


Industrial Gun
Industrial Variable Spray Lance (Brass Connection)
Industrial Rated Pump
Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Pistons
Brass Pump Head and Piston Guide
Adjustable Pressure
8 Meter HP Steel Braided Hose
On Board Detergent Tank
Automatic Shutdown System
Strong and Sturdy Metal Cover and Frame


Maximum Pump Pressure 2320 PSI
Maximum Operating Pressure 1885 PSI
Maximum Water Flowrate 9.0 liters per minute (540 LPH)
Maximum Inlet Water Temperature 40C
Motor Specifications 2.4KW, 3.2HP, 240V, 1Ph, 10Amp, 50Hz
Dimensions 43CM(L) x 50CM(W) x 85CM(H)
Weight 28Kg