The Southern Cross multistage centrifugal pressure pumps are designed for automatic water pressure boosting in domestic applications, light industry, wash down, rural and stock watering, where reliability, efficiency and ease of installation are important. CBI pumps are available with either press control or pressure tanks. All pumps are 304 grade stainless steel construction, supplied with brass suction line check valve and high quality mechanical shaft seal. These pumps are easy to repair, service and maintain.


Domestic, agricultural, light industrial, pressure boosting, heating and cooling systems and potable water supply

Key Features

• Presscontrol systems (electronic hydraulic controller) for excellent pressure and flow control without a pressure tank
• Pressure tank systems featuring 8lt and 18lt anticorrosion tanks with fixed Butyl diaphragm that ensures permanent isolation of water and air cushion
• Special corrosion resistant coating for clean water supply and extended tank life
• All 304 grade stainless steel pump construction
• Brass suction line check valve supplied
• High quality mechanical shaft seal
• Simple repair, servicing, maintenance and parts replacement


2 year warranty